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Potato Soup

Contributed by BK (Prinsep) for The Slow Press Vol. 4


Serves 4

  • 200g ONION

  • 10g GARLIC

  • 1000g SEBAGO POTATOES (or any starchy potatoes)


  • 100g POMACE OIL

  • 1000ml CHICKEN STOCK (10g chicken powder with 1l water)

  • 500ml MILK


  • 3g THYME

  • 5g FINE SALT



1. Dice 200g of onions and mince 10g of garlic.

2. Ball 1000g of potatoes or alternatively, chop them into cubes. Separate trimmings from the balls/cubes. Keep them soaked in water to prevent oxidation.

3. Dice 200g of streaky bacon.

4. In a pot, drizzle 100g of pomace oil and render 200g of streaky bacon. Fry until crispy and brown.

5. When it's ready, take them out of the pot and leave to dry on a paper towel.

6. With the same pot, sweat the diced onions till translucent before adding the garlic. Sweat till fragrant.

7. When ready, add in 1000ml of chicken stock, 3g of thyme, 5g of fine salt and 1g ground white pepper.

8. Bring this to a boil and adjust the seasoning where required.

9. Add the balled/cubed potatoes and cook till slightly firm. Remove it from the stock and leave to cool down.

10. Now add the potato trimmings, 500ml of milk and 150g of whipped cream and cook till soft. 

11. Once the potato is soft, remove and separate the balled potatoes. Add any potato trimmings and cook it till soft. When ready, blend the whole soup till it's a smooth puree.

12. Warm the balled potatoes back in the soup and portion them. Top it up with bacon bits and chives. 

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